Chesapeake Acoustic Research Institute


Read Dr. Peter D'Antonio's Bio Through my careers in diffraction physics and acoustics for 5 decades, I have been privileged to know, learn from, and collaborate with the brightest and most creative minds of my generation. I formed CARI, LLC to share this unique experience with the architectural acoustics community by teaching and mentoring Master’s and Ph. D. students, publishing educational articles, white papers and books, and consulting on fabric testing, new products and room designs and acoustical coefficient methodology and testing. My mission is to provide acoustical exploration, experimentation, and education to the architectural acoustics community to minimize unwanted noise, increase speech intelligibility, enhance music appreciation and share my three decades of experience in pioneering the sound diffusion industry as founder of   RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc. RPG Diffusors

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Exploration, Experimentation and Education

    3D Diffusion Coefficient Goniometer

    CARI is equipped to measure random and normal incidence absorption coefficients, as well as directional and random incidence scattering and diffusion coefficients. We can also measure fabric transparency.

    Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusors

    CARI offers acoustical education to corporate organizations and undergraduate acoustical programs, based on Dr. D'Antonio's experience and his book "Acoustical Absorbers and Diffusers: Theory, Design and Application", Taylor and Francis 2009.